Personal Pen Vaporizer SKYDA8,  2 Sets  in
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Important Note: Please read the user guide before you start to use this product!!!

Personal Pen Vaporizer SKYDA 8 features: All desinged accessories provide you with two unique assembly sets; Dry set up and Oil set up(see detials on the user guide) Dry set up is perfect for tobacco, concentrates and herbs. Oil set up is desinged for tobacco oil(as E-cigarette),hash oil and wax.

This kit comes with: 1.) Vaporizer unite, 1pc.

                               2.) USB charger, 1pc.

                               3.) Wall charger, 1pc.

                               4.) Mouthpiece, 2pc.

                               5.) Cleaning Brush, 2pc.

                               6.) Packing tool, 1pc.

                               7.) Ce4 oil cartridge/Atomizer, 1pc.

                               8.) The user Guide, 1pc.

 Please call us immediately if any of eight items is missed above.

  • Item #: Vaporizer 0001

Personal Pen Vaporizer SKYDA8, 2 Sets in

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